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Joyce Markwick
Spirit Guide Portraitures, Past Life Portraits & Personal Spirit Energy Force Paintings <jmarkwick@joycemarkwick.net>

Spirit Communicator Joyce Markwick is an Internationally known and Highly respected Evidential Medium-Psychic and Spirit Artist. Joyce has not only Helped many over the years with her highly accurate and compassionate Spirit Mediumship-Psychic Readings, but her Gift has also allowed her to expand her natural abilities as a Spirit Communicator to help those with her Spirit Art, which include her unique "Personal Spirit Energy Force Paintings", "Spirit Guide Portraitures", and "Past Life Portraits". Spirit works through Joyce as she channels and connects with one of your Spirit Guides or a Past Life and not only provides a Portraiture but also a thorough explanation on what is being Messaged to her from Spirit for you. Her unique "Personal Spirit Energy Force Paintings" give each Individual a look and explanation on our own personal "Spiritual Core" as seen by Spirit, helping us understand what our Divine Potential actually is and how powerful and Beautiful it is and how we can tap into it more to reach our ultimate best. Joyce works through "voice" connection as well as if it were in person, so all Personal Spirit Energy Force Paintings, Spirit Guide Portraitures, Past Life Portraits and her Readings can easily be done via phone or skype and sent to you.

Joyce is available Worldwide by Telephone, through Skype , or in person.

Reach her at www.joycemarkwick.net

Services Offered:

Spirit Guide Portraitures
Past Life Portraits
Personal Spirit Energy Force Paintings
Mediumship-Psychic Readings