Spirit Art

Patrick Gamble
Inspirational and healing paintings

Patrick is an internationally well-respected psychic and spiritual artist, who brings us beautiful, inspirational and healing paintings through working with spirit. He is also well known for his spirit guide portraits, which he paints in one to one sessions at the many fayres and workshops he attends.

Patrick receives messages from spirit in the form of pictures. The visions he is shown all come with specific messages and energies to be brought through into our physical world to guide us on our own spiritual paths. The originals have been sold all around the world to therapists, healers, centres and private buyers alike.

Patrick's gift acts as a bridge to help us receive comfort and inspiration from spirit. He doesn't only paint large canvases but frequently holds private 'one to one' sittings for people, during which he paints on a canvas board, whichever spirit guide or relative comes through for the sitter.