Spirit Art

J:D Aricchi
Chalk, paintings, drawings

Infinite Creations by J:D Aricchi

Spirit Art
Original framed artwork intended for you/an individual, possessing visual representation of the intended person’s energy and/or path. Pictures often contain various images including totem animals and wildlife, spirit guides, deceased loved ones, angels, fairies, "higher self", etc. Most importantly, the energy and esoteric properties in the piece are what’s most beneficent to the person its intended for. If you wish to have a Spirit Art piece done for someone, they need not be present. Their name is sufficient.

For Spirit Art orders, I only ask for a deposit to begin working on your Art.

It is only when I finished and you have "approved" the finished piece, that the balance is needed.

Spirit Drawing
Spirit Drawings are very similar to Spirit Art. Essentially I meditate on the person that the drawing is intended for and follow my guidance throughout creating the picture.

It is often that the images literally appear to me on the paper. I simply highlight and outline them to be readily visible to those not accustomed to “seeing” in such a manner.

Spirit Drawings are created in black or grey charcoal on white paper. They come matted in a variety of colors in a sheer envelope suitable for displaying as is. You may also select to include a frame with your order, then your Art will be ready to hang when you receive it.