Spirit Art

Lesleigh Badgery
Spirit portraiture

Whenever I do a Church Service or Demonstration, I link in my thoughts prior to the allotted time and bring forth drawings of loved ones, for people attending the venue. Your loved ones are already aware that you will be there, as they have impressed you to attend a meeting or demonstration. The drawings are done whilst I am in a trance state and my hand is automatically moved by my guides, the information is brought forward by way of mental mediumship.

Why do our loved ones come through in this way?

It is a beautiful way to bring comfort to people who receive the drawings as the evidence does not fade over time.

Over the years I have drawn many hundreds of portraits but now with the advance of the digital camera I am able to capture a copy of these to build up my portfolio for others to see, whereas previously they would be taken away by the recipient without records being kept.

About Lesleigh:
Lesleigh is one of the organisers of the Lantern of Light and Sacred Space Healing Centres. She normally hosts the evening. Lesleigh is a Spirit Artist and Medium, giving Private Readings, Demonstrations and Church Services travelling all over the country. Lesleigh is a Spiritual Healer/Healer Trainer with the Corinthian Church and Healing Organisation. Lesleigh teaches/facilitates various groups, Awareness, Development Circles, Meditation,Healer Training and Workshops on given subjects. Lesleigh leads a spiritual life helping people and has been working with Spirit for many years.

Example of Lesleigh's Spirit portraiture below