Spirit Art

Colin Hall
Visionary Art

Colin Hall is a psychic Artist and Medium living in Manchester. Colin serves many Spiritual churches and groups here in the UK also other countries within europe, demonstrating evidence of survival and life after death. As a teacher in Metaphysical and spiritual Art Colins painting are of Angels the Great Deva Kingdom of the four elements, Nature spirits of the Air, Water, Earth and Fire.

Itís a wonderful way to work with the spirit world, through spiritual Art to unlock the doors to the inspiration and creativity that is within us all. When working with colour in Art we are attracting angels of colour that will help us with our inspiration and strengthen our mediumship and healing.

Colin's Art is strongly influenced by Celtic Chinese and Art Nouveau with the endlessly flowing of forms, mythical images of gods & goddesses and the nature world that is all around and within us. When we can open to this wonderful endless flowing spiritual power, we become aware of our soul and creativity.