Spirit Art

Debbie Dean, Medium and Spirit Artist
Spirit Portraiture

I am a certificated medium, and am proud to belong to a governing body known as The United Spiritualists.

I am a big supporter of my Local Spiritualist Church, Three Bridges Spiritualist Church & Psychic Centre.

Having been given a message from spirit is brilliant enough, but then to receive a portrait from them as well is further proof that life continues beyond the physical death.

During my life I have given thousands of portraits away and am always very pleased to hear from people who have said that the picture has brought them comfort.

I am not a portrait artist and I have never studied art although I am very creative and I do believe that does help with my clairvoyance.

Spirit Art is done in very much the same way as automatic writing. When I feel the pencil move I just go with it and enjoy watching the picture appear. The pictures can appear in a matter of seconds unlike a normal portrait artist who sometimes takes hours or even days to complete a likeness. It never ceases to amaze me how clever Spirit are and I am always humbled by their attention to detail in each picture. This is probably the closest we are at the moment to spirit photography. It is also the most evidential form of mediumship as although it is fantastic to get a message and verbal evidence, to be able to see and recognise a face is unquestionable and can help in the healing process of grieving.