Spirit Art

Barbara Hudson
Spirit Portraiture <barbjhud@gmail.com>

Barbara Hudson is a Spirit Artist, Teacher and Therapist specialising in channelling portraits from spirit including loved ones and guides both human and animal.
She can work 1-2-1 at her studio,via e.mail,from a phone call, skype or at one of the many Mind, Body, Spirit Events she attends.

Barbara has originated the "Portauragraph" which combines the clients physical portrait with an interpretation of their spirit essence as discovered in their aura.
She can also draw one of your Past Lives and should you wish to learn more about that life you can always book in for a regression as Barbara is also a certified hypnotherapist.

Portraits are created in pencil, charcoal, pastels or watercolours as reqested. Memorial portraits also a service on offer.

Demonstrations, workshops, talks and ghost hunts are also part of what's available. Please look at the website for more details.