Animals Have Souls, Too

Animal Healing/Communication: UK - West Wickham - Bromley - London, and Absent Healing
West Wickham Spiritualist Church

The Church Healers offer Animal Healing.

Excerpt from the Healing page (link below): "So the evidence is there ... animals too can greatly benefit from healing. If you can't find a healer who works with animals try doing it yourself you can't do any harm. Just place your hands near or on the animal, stroke them finding out what they are most comfortable with. At the same time ask your spirit guides [yes we all have them] to send their healing energy to make the animal feel better. Remember Spirit know what is best and you only have to ask. To start with you may find it difficult to attune with Spirit but with practice you will become more confident and just think of the benefits to your animal."

"Animals also benefit from healing and possibly respond to the healing energies even more readily than humans because they raise no barriers and, unlike humans, have no preconceived ideas or expectations."

The Church also offers Absent Healing for animals (see Absent Healing page for email address)