Animals Have Souls, Too

Animal Healing/Communication: UK - West Sussex
Louisa Bertram <louisa9000@hotmail.co.uk>

Clairvoyant/psychic mediumship readings: I channel messages from loved ones, guides and angels. This is healing and reassuring as well as helpful for guiding us on our path. Your reading will be gentle, kind and informative.

I also offer holistic/aromatherapy massage which is intuitive, so focussing on areas which need tension released, usually shoulders.

Other therapies offered: Reiki, reflexology, colour therapy and Indian Head massage. Also animal healing - I have a life-long love of dogs, horses, cats and small furries!

I am a Reiki Master (5 years) and offer Reiki treatments alongside subtle energy healing. Clients usually report feeling deeply relaxed and regenerated after Reiki or a massage.

I have more than 12 years' experience within the spiritual field.

If you'd like to discuss an appropriate treatment, please feel free to give me a call or email. I can intuit which is the best therapy for you.

Louisa: 01798 867610