Animals Have Souls, Too

Animal Healing/Communication: USA. Also Author, and Directory of Animal Communicators
Penelope Smith

Interspecies Telepathic Communication

Communicating with animals telepathically throughout her life, Penelope Smith discovered in 1971 that animals could be relieved of emotional traumas and other problems through the same counseling techniques that helped humans. The training and experience that have contributed to her success are her educational background, with bachelor's and master's degrees in the social sciences; years of training and experience in human counseling, nutrition, and holistic body energy balancing methods; research into animal nutrition, anatomy, behavior, and care; plus the firsthand education from the thousands of animals she has contacted.

For over thirty years, Penelope has been the founding pioneer for the field whose name she originated, interspecies telepathic communication. Author of many books and recordings and editor of quarterly journal, Species Link, Penelope has held the hub of the growing community of animal communicators world wide for decades.

Requests for Absent Healing for animals can be sent on the ACCAW page of Penelope's site.

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