Animals Have Souls, Too

Long passed Labrador Roscoe appears near my garden hedge
Stephen Wakeling

Stephen answers a question called "Dog spirit" asked on his column "Medium Stephen Wakeling Answers Your Questions" on this site:


Dog spirit
21 September 2017

Hi I lost my beautiful dog of 17 years to a tumour I am just wondering how I would know if she is still here with me I feel so empty and lost


Dear Kelly,

Sorry for the late reply, but unfortunately I have been away from the internet for a short while. Anyway, the question is one that is often asked after the passing of a loved pet… Perhaps the loss you feel is akin to that of many animal lovers. I believe we have closeness with our pets, which in many instances can be stronger - owing to the simple fact that animals give “Unconditional Love”. Our pets ask for little in return for their affection, apart from the return of their love… But awareness of their continual survival, and what we may say is proof, may often take us by surprise and happen when we least expect it…

Through the movement of time, there have been many recorded contacts from those of the animal kingdom. Some have come into our energy field for a variety of reasons like awareness, love, support or guidance. Often they are seen, at a glance, or sometimes for longer… perchance they show themselves through the landscape of our dreams, so making their presence known to you.

This experience, I had may help to clarify how contact can happen… I have always loved Labradors, having the good fortune to have had three in my family. My first Labrador was a Yellow one - Suzie, followed by two Chocolate ones, Roscoe and Chester. Both Suzie and Roscoe had passed-on, leaving the family and me with Chester. However, shortly before my youngest son married, I was cutting the tops of my high garden hedge. My garden and house is secured by hedges and fencing, with a ‘locked gate’ to the front, which leads to the road outside. I was up a ladder, cutting the hedge, when I noticed Chester to the side of me… then again I saw him, all before realising the gate was wide-open. I shot down the ladder, looking around the garden, out onto the road, checking neighbouring gardens for my dog Chester… but he was nowhere. Well, until my wife came out of our home to see what was happening. When I told her I was looking for “Chester”, she pointed through the front window… There he was, fast asleep in front of the fire place. Of course, I had seen my other long passed Labrador Roscoe. It was a natural experience, one that happened when I least expected it. This is how incidents can occur. I just hope this, or something similar, happens to you - or to other readers of this spiritual post.

On a final note, it was pleasing to read that your own dog had such a long life. If you can try to remember the pleasure you had, the memories, and look forward to that future day when we are all reunited in eternal light.

Kindest thoughts - in Light and Peace


Photograph below: Chester