Animals Have Souls, Too

Memorial to our Little Dexter - Such a Loving Puppy Spirit / Mediumistic communications with pets in the Spirit World
Rev. Brian L. Sharp <brian@angelicvisionsmedium.com>

I'll never forget it--that look of surprise, amazement and joy my husband wore on his face the day he walked in the front door after work only to find a tiny, 4-lb. ball of black fluff running toward him cheerfully. I rushed that day to pick up the puppy from a local dog breeder, driving frantically in an attempt to make it home before my husband arrived. I made it home with only a few minutes to spare, and I had never seen my husband more happy than when he grabbed up his new Maltipoo baby, who started immediately licking his face.

My husband Leyhbert named him Dexter after the small Iowa town, in which we were married in 2013. At that time we were not legally permitted to marry in Texas, so we made the arduous drive over a weekend. He had repeatedly been mentioning how much he wanted a dog, so when I found my opportunity I couldn't resist any longer.

Leyhbert and Dexter were absolutely inseparable; he went everywhere with that little puppy. Unfortunately, Dexter could only remain with us for 4 months until we discovered that he had a form of distemper, which the veterinarian advised was likely contracted at the dog breeder's home. Suffering for nearly a week, we finally had to make the heartbreaking decision to have our little Dexter euthanized. I worried that Leyhbert would ever recover from the grief he felt.

Later, as I began studying mediumship and learned that I actually have the ability to perceive messages from spirits of the dead (each of us has this ability and only has to know how to access it), I would often see our little Dexter scampering about in our livingroom, playing with the same vitality as he had in life. I could even hear his little "yap-yap" bark!

Often during mediumship readings with my own clients, spirits of their deceased pets--sometimes pets, who have been deceased for many years--inevitably come through. I'm so humbled that Spirit uses me to bring healing and hope to those, who have also lost their furry loved ones.

Love and Light to each of you. Know that your beloved pets are always with you and have not forgotten you.