Animals Have Souls, Too

Animal Healing/Communication: UK and Distant Healing

I feel privileged to be working with animals on such a deep level, helping them have a voice in our human world. As an animal communicator in the UK I work with people's animals by tuning into their energy field and bridging that gap between human and animal language. By talking to animals telepathically we can help our pets in so many ways, from receiving information about illness or emotional issues, to finding out what they like and dislike.

I have trained with several high profile animal communicators and experienced that true connection with animals that goes beyond language and animal whispering. Sending and receiving information from animals is an incredible experience and my aim is to not only help the animals, but also bring a better understanding of how complex our pets are. When we understand how our animal friends have feelings, emotions and needs we can bring them a better quality of life.

I also offer distant animal healing for all pets, whether you have a dog, cat, horse or mouse. Animal reiki is something that works on all pets and can be very effective at not only helping recovery from illness, but also bringing the emotions back into balance.

Your animal's welfare is my prime focus, and I will always work with your pet with the highest integrity and honesty to ensure you and your furry friend get the best possible treatment I can give. It is important to note that you should also consult your vet if you feel there is something wrong with your pet. Animal communicators and healers can not diagnose health issues, we can only advise so you can follow this up with a professional veterinary check.

Distant animal healing: http://www.talkingtoanimals.co.uk/distant-animal-healing/

Please visit my website to book your healing / communication session at http://www.talkingtoanimals.co.uk