Animals Have Souls, Too

Memorial to George, the American Red Persian Cat
Stephen Wakeling, Spiritual Medium

On Christmas Eve, just gone, I had to have my American Red Persian “George”, put to sleep. Sadly, at 15, the ageing of time had caught up with him and unlike a person, I at least had the option of taking away the physical pain for him.

All I can say is, peace and understanding becomes a little easier once you have gained an understanding of the movement between the ‘Two-Worlds’ – though we still miss him being around in the physical sense.

When you lose a pet, the pain a loving owner feels, after your loved companion pet has left this life is little understood with the thoughts of many of the general populace. The same goes for psychologists and general medical practitioners. People who experience pet bereavement are often left alone, at the receiving end of: ‘Don't make such a fuss, I remember a friend of mine who passed on etc!’ Often attitudes from work colleagues, friends, or family, do not help, leaving you with unanswered questions, loneliness and in some cases guilt.