Animals Have Souls, Too

Memorial to Fraser, a magnificient white husky dog, who passed to the Spirit World on Oct 30 2012

Fraser was more cat-like in his affection than a dog, so I was always grateful when he let me smooch him. I think it was the aloof wolf thing about him...

I have this photo (below) on my computer's front page and I circle his nose with the mouse every time I turn the computer off.

One day I was just looking at him and thinking of him and he began to transfigure - and the image of a magnificient black wolf appeared behind him and I got the message 'running with wolves'.

And I knew he was free and doing what he loved to do: Pretend he was a wolf.

The next day I went to our healing clinic and one of our Healers who is clairvoyant said Fraser was here today with a big black wolf. He described the wolf exactly as I saw him (with a dark grey face). It was proof. I know he is happy and running with such joy.

My spirit dog will forever be part of me.

Below, Fraser at age 15 (photo taken summer of 2012)