Animals Have Souls, Too

Article: Stephanie the Albino Burmese Python passed away... And came back

Lisa (Pet Perceptions - Animal Communications) did a reading for me when I lost my precious Stephanie snake after 7 years of doting on her. I was so beside myself with guilt and grief, I just didn't know what to do. When I found her dead I spent 2 hours blowing into her trachea to try to revive her. I couldn't face the idea of losing her. I couldn't IMAGINE it. I wanted to know WHERE she was and that she was OK. After 7 years of taking care of her, healing her from being a sick baby, and being totally bonded with her... suddenly she was gone and I was blaming myself, hating myself for not knowing how sick she was, etc.

Stephanie was an Albino Burmese Python. Lisa had me give her just her name and type of animal, and what I remember from the reading first was her mentioning a TOOTH. Well I've owned snakes for years now and never have I ever found a tooth from a snake. But about a week after Stephanie died, even after my cleaning people had been here, I went into the bathroom Steph died in and stepped on something sharp. It ended up being her TOOTH. It was such a sign to me that number one, Steph was leaving me a message and that number two, Lisa had keyed into it. Lisa also was aware of the massages I gave Steph when she was confined to the cage, and many other things that were certainly unique to her. Further, Lisa was able to tell me she had a number of physical issues going on, rather than the simple respiratory infection I thought I should have treated more effectively. My poor little angel had the sniffles off and on all winter... but I thought I'd cured them. In fact, they had just progressed to a pneumonia and the symptoms receeded. I just wanted to believe she was better. I did miss all those signs but perhaps her other physical issues weren't so easily treated, and I avoided giving her shots since the first time she was sick she broke and twisted needles off into her muscles, leaving huge scars. I just couldn't stand the thought of putting her through that again, so I tried to treat her sniffles without meds.

When Steph died she was about 12 feet and just as sweet as the day I got her. Most snakes you never want to get near when they're in "feeding mode". Steph would wait and sniff carefully before she grabbed her food to make sure she didn't get me, and most of the time I actually had to pick it up and put her nose on it to even get her to take it. Lisa helped me know Stephanie didn't blame me for her death.

Recently, also, Steph came to Lisa and said she's coming back to me (perhaps my begging had a little to do with it?) later this year and I am so unbelievably grateful for having another chance to do a better job of being her mom. I still can't talk about this without blubbering about it. I've never been so attached to an animal. I imagined spending at least 20 years with her. I miss her so much, but at least knowing she's ok where she is, she comes to visit us here and enjoys seeing the other animals (instead of feeling left out as I was afraid she would), relieves my conscious so much. This time I will listen much more carefully to signals from her so that I will feel if something's wrong at least I have the best chance of treating it in a timely manner.

Since that original reading, Lisa has communicated with many of my animals as well as my family's animals and even some family members that have crossed over. She was able to communicate with my Chameleon, Throw Mama, who had been acting like she was mad at me. During the communication, she was very clear in her message to Lisa that she needed Biotin as she had a deficiency. Lisa has communicated with my snakes (Ichabod is her favorite!), Chameleons, Iguana's, Dragons, Turtles, Gecko's and my friend Dick's Alligators, Nessie and Gomer.

A reincarnation story: April 2006

STEPHANIE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday my friend Dick, the reptile guy who travels in Northern Cal, called me. We were talking about something else and all of a sudden he goes... what did that psychic say about Steph again, of course I rattled off the rough description and he GASPED AND SAID OMG I THINK I HAVE STEPHANIE and we both just started blubbering for like 10 minutes and couldn't even talk.

Someone found this angel up in the mountains in Northern Cal, not sure where. Turned into pet store. Couldn't keep because you need license, they're native species. Dick walked in, they know he has license, they gave her to him. That was 5 days ago. Right NOW he's gone farther north again... he called me from fresno area, store was somewhere near there but DICK is going up to way north, you said above palo alto, could that be you seeing DICK taking her there before I get her?? I swear I almost dropped everything to go drive there, you know me...

I just got this pic but when he described to me said kind of triangles on sides (I looked back thru your notes later... freckles on nose, splotch of white at back of round head, stripe but not like the pic I'd sent which was longitudinal instead of like this) ROUND HEAD...can't be with other snakes (these are cannibalistic) not in bad health, not rescue per say but for some reason owner can't keep (licensing!) THESE STRIPES will fade to look more like speckles later in life so not sure if you were seeing baby or adult. you did say NOT geometric like boas or anything. Also you said smaller body, fast, not delicate... these are native, get to only 4-5 feet and are fast as hell, little escape artists. You said will love water and that would be uncharacteristic. I can't wait to test that. I will know if this is her. OH MY GOD you have no idea how this makes me believe there IS A GOD! Lisa I've been begging steph to come back, you know that.

This snake is under a year old. I HAD IN NOTES JULY 19 LIVE BIRTH... but we thought July 19 was when I would meet her, but could we have just crossed up with birthday because that timing would be right on target.

I BELIEVE THIS IS STEPHANIE. OMG I HAVE BEEN WILLLLLING HER TO COME BACK. This matches almost every single thing you said, just that it wasn't ME finding her, it was dick and she found him knowing she'd get to me.

I'm god mother to his alligator... remember we talked about him?

Ok anyway I know this is my precious angel... wayyyyy too many coincidences. Here is her picture. Isn't she beautiful?

Below: The first stephanie