Request Absent Healing for Yourself or a Loved One

Online - Prayer Circle For ANIMALS - Absent Healing
Offered by:ACCAW (Animal Communicators Coalition for Animal Welfare)

Requests for prayers and spiritual healing for individuals of any species

To have an individual included in this circle, please send their name, species, (for non-human animals you can also include a brief description and their age), general geographical location, and why you are requesting prayer or spiritual healing.

There is also a section where to request prayers and spiritual healing for groups of any species, situations, or areas of the Earth.

The weekly group focus time for all members of ACCAW who are participating in the Prayer and Healing Circle Fountain of Energy is Wednesday at Noon for all healing requests on both lists. Individuals who have requested healings could focus with the circle at that time to be more aware of and participate in the healing energy that is being concentrated around them. Besides the weekly focus time, ACCAW members also include the requested healings in their daily prayers.

The monthly group focus time for special concentration on group and Earth healing is the 1st day of the month at Noon or whenever you can focus that day.

Request for Absent Healing for Animals