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If you are new to Spiritualism, you will find paths to lots of discoveries here, depending on where your heart is leaning at this time: Connection with loved ones who passed away, Spiritual Healing, Learning to become a Medium or a Healer yourself, Where to mingle with people who routinely communicate with Spirits, etc. Take only what feels right to you because you - and only you - are the master of your fate, the captain of your soul. In case you wonder about the difference between Spiritualism and the Paranormal: Fear. There is no fear in Spiritualism. Just learning, a bit more everyday, to feel one with Love again. Experienced Spiritualists: You will easily navigate this site and if you like it, please add your Light by submitting materials and entries. Happy Sailing to all!!

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Re: Sighting of my father by: Stephen Wakeling
Dear Connie Thanks for your interesting question. Of course, I can’t exactly say what happened because I wasn’t there, so my answer is rather general. As such, I am taking a viewpoint from a..
Sighting of my father by: Cornelia
Stephen, My father died five years ago. Today I visited the birthplace of my Mum and visited the graveyard where her aunt was buried. On the return journey I saw for just a few seconds, the face of..
Re: My son needs your help by: Stephen Wakeling
Dear Lynette Thank you for your question. I have thought about your words, and must say I am sorry to hear about the situation you mention with your son. To be totally honest, if I wrote a million..
My son needs your help by: Lynette
hello stephen, i feel like im meant to do this as a stranger told me today that i should contact a healer, so here i am, my son is 3 nearly 4 and has been diagnosed with adhd although there seems to..
UK - Durham - Seaham by: Seaham Spiritualist Church
Seaham Spiritualist Church Sr7 7sa Sunday nights at 6-30pm we have our Devine Service Monday nights at 6-15pm we have our Healing, followed by the Open Circle at 7-15pm Every other Tuesday nights at..
Scotland - Edinburgh by: Portobello Spiritualist Church
Weekly services on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. See diary of forthcoming visiting mediums at http://www.portobellosc.org.uk/services.html
Indiana - Indianapolis by: New Sunflower Church
With a mission to spreading spiritual knowledge, virtues, and help people develop their Spiritual Gifts, it is a place of love, light, learning, and peace.
New Jersey - Rutherford by: MontClair Metaphysical & Healing Center
This is a spiritual center that offers services to assist you on your spiritual journey. The foundation of the school is based on spiritualist mediumship and is the headquarters for the MontClair..
Canada - Ontario - Barrie by: Karrie Eardley-Bertram
Located in the East End of Barrie, I give evidentially-based mediumship sittings from my home-based office with serene views of Kempenfelt Bay. I charge $60 for a 45 minute appointment and your..
USA - California - Los Angeles  by: Coral Menasherov-Schaeffler, Spiritual, Intuitive Healing, Clairvoyant, Aura Readings
Coral’s Clairvoyance is as natural to her as breathing. Born into the ancient healing traditions of mystical Georgia, it has always been routine for Coral to converse with souls and the healing..
USA - Washington - Oak Harbor by: Alice Skiff
Development Circle forming in September 2014 -- Orientation and Information available at mediumshipcircle.com
USA - Texas - Houston/Galveston by: Carla Wills Brandon
Hi! For those of you interested in joining a Circle where you can just practice Mental Mediumship, there is a solution. In the Galveston Island area, and this does include Houston, a new Circle is..
UK - London - Kings Cross: Discover your True Ability by: Rose Maxwell
The Helios School of Healing offers weekend courses in healing and personal development. These introductory courses lead students to an exploration and development of innate gifts leading to..
USA - Florida - Ft Lauderdale by: Rev Dr.Vito LaNave
On going development and circle and class See website: www.spiritmessagesforyou.com See events
USA - Florida - Fort Lauderdale by: Susani Heinz
I experienced my awakening in 1990 and became a Reiki Master in 1994. I am a spiritual healer who channels in your loving guides, angels, archangels and ascended masters that do healing and deliver..
Australia - Queensland - Brisbane by: Keelan lewis
What i do there isnt one specific name for it. I am a Soul evolutionist, healer and much more. I have a connection to something that is beyond my own comprehension. All of my work is done by prayer..
Animal Healing: Hastings, East Sussex and Remotely by: Clive Fitch
I can channel healing to you, your pet, or someone you know. I have been a healer for 40yrs, i now live in retirement in Hastings east Sussex. I am Member of Hastings Brotherhood Spiritualist church...
Animal Communicator/Reiki for Pets  by: Karen Muranko
As an Animal Communicator and Reiki Master, I offer both communication and remote healing sessions for pets (and humans) nation wide. I'm currently working with combining Reiki with Animal..
Having Trouble Astral Traveling - New Astral Technology to the Ethereal Rescue by: Russell Twyce
People have been astral traveling throughout recorded history. The practice of ethereal adventuring is generally accomplished through intense meditation and astral travelers have most often been..
Meditating With Guided Meditation Audio by: Jeet D Kun
Some people cannot take time dealing with stress and their minds are occupied with distractions because of their busy lifestyle. They don't realize that there is something they can do to get away..
Natural, Holistic Self-Healing with Reiki by: Suzanne OBrien
Many people are turning to more natural and holistic ways of dealing with illness and pain. With conventional ways of treatment being not only expensive, but also often having many side effects,..
Reiki Distant Healing: How to heal other people and animals without being in same physical location by: Rhonda Campbell
Reiki practitioners work with universal or spiritual life energy. Because the healing involves spirit, the training can be done effectively through distance learning. The therapy aids in the balance..
Teaching Yogic Meditation for Cancer Recovery by: Paul Jerard
Sometimes, the subjects we teach in a Yoga class make us feel much better about what we do. When one decides to become a Yoga instructor, he or she usually does not appreciate the complete package of..
Simple Steps To Release Emotional Pain by: Susan Montello
This article discusses the 3 steps in the 'Forgiveness Letters'. You are able to let go of the pain in your own life along with experience the joy and the love that you deserve. An extremely..
UK - East Sussex - Hastings  by: Clive Fitch
I have been a healer for 40yrs, i now live in retirement in Hastings east Sussex. I am Member of Hastings Brotherhood Spiritualist church. I am an official Healer of The Fellowship of healers.
UK - Surrey - Camberley by: Camberley Spiritualist Church
The Remote Healing Book is designed to allow members of the public to e-mail us with the names of people they would like to ask ABSENT HEALING for. There can be no guarantee of a cure or even an..
UK by: Keith Hudson
"A house blessing can help with aura/spirit cleansing, ancestral or generational ghosts and alien visits using Catholic/Hebraic methods. Many homes carry residual spiritual effects from previous or..
Earthbound Spirit Rescues by: Charles Wm. Skillas, Ph.D.
Earthbound Spirits bring to you the energy of their death and the negative stuff from their lives. They can make you sick in body and mind. You must get rid of them to heal! Most people and most..
USA - Washington State - Seabeck by: Alice Skiff
I thought folks might be interested in this MEDIUMSHIP RETREAT. It is a wonderful opportunity to grow our mediumship in an awesome location at an affordable price since it is a non-profit event. 3..
UK - London by: Gathering of Minds
We invite you to give yourself permission to take care of your deepest needs—to stop doing, and start being. To enhance awareness in waking state and heal trauma in dream. To stop taking control, and..
Finding the Spirit in All  by: Santoshan (Stephen Wollaston)
FINDING THE SPIRIT IN ALL By Stephen Wollaston (aka Santoshan) First published in Psychic News as their main feature article in November 17th, 2012 (issue # 4091) What is often termed ‘Modern..
Realms of Wondrous Gifts  by: RWG Reader
MIRACLES IN THE LIFE OF JESUS Extract from the ebook Realms of Wondrous Gifts: Psychic, Mediumistic and Miraculous Powers in the Great Mystical and Wisdom Traditions By Santoshan (Stephen..
Xavier, Chico (Pedro Leopoldo, Brazil, April 2, 1910 - Uberaba, Brazil, June 30, 2002) by: Brazil
Perhaps the most known medium in Brazil, Chico Xavier wrote (via psychography, see pic) numerous best-selling books including "2,000 Years Ago" and "Paul and Steven", as dictated by spirits such as..
Lees, Robert James (Hinckley Leicestershire Aug 12 1849 - Leicester Jan 11 1931): Medium Healer Writer Journalist by: England
"Robert James Lees was a journalist, philanthropist, novelist and medium. In the latter role he anticipated that later researchers would treat his exploits with a degree of scepticism. It was..
What is Green Spirituality? (ebook)  by: Marian Van Eyk McCain (edited by)
GreenSpirit ebook series WHAT IS GREEN SPIRITUALITY? Edited by Marian Van Eyk McCain Published by GreenSpirit 2012 Words: 21,300 approx ISBN: 9780955215759 Categories: Body, Mind and Spirit /..
All Our Relations (ebook)  by: Marian Van Eyk McCain (edited by)
GreenSpirit ebook series ALL OUR RELATIONS: GreenSpirit connections with the more-than-human world Edited by Marian Van Eyk McCain With contributions by Helen Moore, Susan Meeker-Lowry, David Abram,..
I, Yeshua. Awakener.  by: Lars Gimstedt
Who is Jesus? Is he the one described by Paulus and the evangelists in the Bible? Or can a clearer picture of the real person Jesus emerge if one limits oneself to read only what historical data..
Altered Light  by: John Anthony
Altered Light by John Anthony, available at Amazon.co.uk or for a signed copy, from the author's website alteredlight.co.uk Altered Light is a story of now and of forever.What is happening to us and..
Awakening Arts, an academy of art, creativity and consciousness in Assisi, Italy  by: Classes in all modalities of the Arts – taught from the perspective of Heart, Soul and Spirit
Around the world ‘troubadours of transformation’ are bringing forth a new renaissance of culture and consciousness. The Academy is at the forefront of this movement; a haven of high-vibration..
Lorraine Parkes  by: Spirit Drawings with interpretation
My spirit drawings appear in seconds and are drawn using oil pastel. I work on psychometry using handwriting to link with spirit. My guides were a famous cartoonist and a portrait artist when on this..
David Tyrrell by: The Netherlands
I am a spiritual medium and teacher. I am based in the Netherlands but travel widely with my work. I am a natural born medium and sensitive with over 25 years of professional experience with my work..
Sandra Park  by: Essex UK
I feel both humbled and privileged to have the ability of serving the wonderful world of Spirit as a medium. I know there are many people who use the word gift instead of ability…for me the gift is..
International Association for the Preservation of Spiritualist and Occult Periodicals (IAPSOP)  by: Archiving of Spiritualist Periodicals
The IAPSOP is a US-based non-profit organization focused on the digital preservation of Spiritualist and occult periodicals. The IAPSOP Archives are maintained by the IAPSOP -- an informal collection..
Union Espiritista Cristiana de Filipinas, Inc. - Philippines by: Spiritual (Religious) Organization, Philippines
Objectives: 1. To attain commonality of understanding among officers and members in wisdom, love and faith in GOD within the doctrines and principles of (Union) Spiritism. 2. To sustain faithful and..
TRAINING: Spiritual Guidance Mentor Training (SGMT) Certificate by: Atlantic University, An Accredited Online Non-Profit Graduate Level University (based in Virginia Beach, VA USA)
Atlantic University has developed the Spiritual Guidance Mentor Training (SGMT) certificate for individuals who wish to mentor and guide others on their Spiritual Path or learn more about themselves...
*MINISTRY TRAINING: Manchester, UK by: Manchester District Council of the Spiritualists' National Union
See Education page on the website of the Council for list of the Courses provided. Courses include: - An Introduction to Basic Spiritualism - Spiritualism for SNU Churches - Basic Exponents Course -..
Online (based in Nottingham UK)  by: Elizabeth Rose
Elizabeth Rose provides a popular tarot card reading service as well as psychic readings for her clients, all readings are conducted live, and offer great insight.
Online (based in NY State) by: Christa C.
Affordable psychic and tarot card readings with Christa. Christa has been doing readings for over five years. Many seek Christa out for her gifts in love and relationships. Her kind yet to the point..
Solihull, on 31st July: Psychic Fayre at The Fieldhouse by: Love & Light Events
Love & Light Events presents to you ... an evening of psychic readings... One to one readings will be available with experienced professional psychic readers including Clairvoyance, Tarot &..
Birmingham - Sheldon. 8th of July: Psychic Fayre at The Crane by: Love & Light Events
Love & Light Events presents to you ... A Psychic Fayre ... with experienced professional psychic readers offering one to one readings including Clairvoyance, Tarot & Fortune Cards (individual reader..
Washington State - Seabeck, Sept 18-21, 2014: MEDIUMSHIP RETREAT! by: Alice Skiff
I thought folks might be interested in this MEDIUMSHIP RETREAT. It is a wonderful opportunity to grow our mediumship in an awesome location at an affordable price since it is a non-profit event. 3..
Arizona - Sedona, July 24th - 27th: "Spirit Over Soul" by: Coral Productions
"SPIRIT OVER SOUL" Attain the Tools for Spiritual Empowerment and Self-Transformation for a Life of Happiness, Satisfaction and Abundance Join us July 24th - 27th, 2014 for 4 days & 3 nights at the..
Online store: Crystal therapy, reiky, semi-precious stones, minerals, music therapy, etc.  by: Satyamani
Based in New Delhi India, Satyamani is an online store which provides crystal therapy, reiki, crystal healing gemstones, semi precious stones, Minerals, and Music Therapy for healing treatment.
Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry, Talismans, Spiritual Jewelry by: Emily
My name is David Weitzman, and I’m a cosmic jewelry artist. My biggest inspiration in designing sacred and symbolic jewelry comes in knowing I can impact people’s lives. My work harnesses the power..
need to get free distance training in mediumship and spiritualism by: kyeyune emanuel
hello, thank you for this opportunity . i was born ,raised and stays in uganda ( east Africa). 3 years ago i came across an article about spiritualism and mediumship . i am very interested to be..
Someone who can help in being mentor by: David Gardiner
I am learning mediumship and have difficulty at times I would be grateful of support from someone with an open mind who could help who has some experience
Psychomanteum  by: Mirrored room used to communicate with spirits
A psychomanteum (sometimes spelled as psychomantium, and often called "mirror gazing") is a mirrored room, specially set up to communicate with the spiritual realm. Reflective objects or surfaces,..
Summerland by: The Spirit World
"A term coined by Andrew Jackson Davis and used by Spiritualists as another word for the spirit world. "
Complementary therapy, spirituality, positive living, natural health  by: Health & Happiness
Our monthly newsletters are packed full of the latest holistic courses, events, special offers, articles, book reviews, holistic retreats, complementary therapy and spirituality.
Spirit Blast - Mediumship, Spirituality, Channeling, Tips, Events by: Reverend Julie MacDonald
Spirit Blast A monthly newsletter with interesting articles, helpful tips for your Spiritualist practice, recommended books, meditation music, spotlight on area practitioners, channeled material,..
Star's Celestial Messages by: Star
Hello followers of Star and Heaven and Earth (held in Santa Monica, once a month - See Events in the USA on this site for info)! As your imagination and your thoughts are a part of your everyday..
Spiritist Forum  by: Ricardo
Open-minded, healthy discussions on things related to life and spirituality
Psychic Surgery Explained  by: Psychic Surgery in Baguio, Philippines
Psychic Surgery as practiced in the Philippines by genuine Psychic Surgeons. Psychic Surgeons are gifted healers that have been blessed with the ability to remove cysts, tumors, calcium deposits,..
Spiritual River / Patrick Meninga by: Addiction Help & Alcoholism Treatment
Find Your True Calling in Recovery from Addiction How can you find your true calling in addiction or alcoholism recovery? How do you know what you were really meant to do with your life in sobriety?
Life without end: Worse than Twitter with limitless characters ;o)  by: Roger Cohen, New York Times Op-Ed Columnist
From Roger Cohen's excellent NYTimes article "When I’m Sixty-Four": Death is feared, but it is death that makes time a living thing. Without it life becomes a featureless expanse. I fear death, up to..
Invictus by: William Ernest Henley
Out of the night that covers me, Black as the Pit from pole to pole, I thank whatever gods may be For my unconquerable soul. In the fell clutch of circumstance I have not winced nor cried aloud...
What's Up with Carl Jung? by: JungCurrents.com
Information, Resources, Links and Commentary about the life and work of Carl Jung, by a Jungian psychologist.
Medical Intuitive: Studying Jung gave me the confidence to begin clarifying images for clients by: Bela Johnson
When I began my practice as a professional intuitive over twenty years ago, it was challenging finding words for the formless – the images I had seen since childhood but did not have a point of..
The words I live by... by: Sarah
I was just reading the "About Us" page of the website of the The Church of Angels, Cleveland Ohio, and found this paragraph that succinctly resumes what I have been saying about self-healing in this..
Article by Michael Tymn: Does death anxiety lead to PTSD? by: Sarah
I receive Mike's monthly newsletter, always filled with fascinating articles. I feel that the latest one (see second link below) has to be mentioned here. Mike writes 'As Lifton sees it, many of the..
The Spreckels Organ Pavilion at the Balboa Park of San Diego by: Sarah in San Diego
From the web page of the Spreckels Pavilion on the site of the Balboa Park: "John D. and Adolph Spreckels donated the Spreckels Organ, one of the world's largest outdoor pipe organs, to the City of..
Awwww.... those huge Mexican breakfasts - Part 1: El Fandango, Living Room, Casa De Reyes by: Sarah in the Old Town of San Diego
After a 10 mile bicycle ride from Mission Valley to the Old Town, it's a pleasurable moment to sit down in a quiet restaurant just as they open for breakfast, before the tourists start arriving, with..
m - Mombasa  by: 2cellos
These guys are good......
l - 2cellos by: Thunderstruck
Ohhhhhhh I have new favorites !!!! I love them as much as Nickelback's "Burn it to the ground". Viva Zagreb !!!!!!!!!!!!
New Video: RMS Titanic Centenary  by: Sophie Shapiro
Note: This video, and others about the Titanic, are also available on my site SophieShapiro.com
The Dearest Things I Know by: Richard Stephen Carr
Words are made for a certain exactness of thought, as tears are for a certain degree of pain. What is least distinct cannot be named; what is clearest is unutterable. Words by René Daumal Name: Mr..